TLC program backed by HSSC

    The “TLC program backed by HSSC” is a program that benefits pets with special needs that will require lifelong, routine medical care after they are adopted from HSSC. Our medical director will establish a treatment plan for the animals in the program and HSSC will offer adopters a care plan at the HSSC Animal Clinic, which provides quality veterinary care.
    What is the TLC program?
    The TLC program benefits pets with specific pre-existing conditions that will require lifelong medical care after they are adopted from HSSC. 

    TLC Success Stories

    This program was created because we saw animals with long-term medical conditions being overlooked. Often times, adopters fall in love with these animals but cannot take on the cost of an animal with pre-existing conditions. HSSC wanted to give them the best possible chance to find their furever home. 

    Thanks to you, these animals will have an easier time finding a home and receive the proper medical treatment for their conditions throughout their life. The average lifetime cost of care for a pet in the TLC program is $500. Our ability to offer this program is dependent on support from the community.



    Tazzie arrived at HSSC from Lousiana during Operation Senior Saved where 160+ dogs were rescued. Many were confined to small kennels—having not been let out in years. Tazzie was heartworm positive and has ongoing pain and weaknesses in her back legs.



    Brinkley was rescued during Operation Senior Saved. When Brinkley arrived, he had severe heartworm disease. Being left untreated for so long caused irreversible heart damage. Brinkley will have lifelong heart medication and thoracic radiographs.


    Guillermo is a Texan from Montgomery County Animal Shelter. After seeing multiple vets and specialists, it was determined that Guillermo has nerve damage in his front right leg. He will receive pain medications and laser treatments on an as needed basis.


    Before Kai came to us, he had hip surgery in Texas. He will receive 6 laser treatments to help during his recovery.


    Harper Lee

    Harper Lee arrived at HSSC from Louisana. Our medical staff took radiographs after noticing Harper Lee's limp in her left back leg. They discovered a bullet had broken her back left femur (already healed) with the bullet still lodged in her leg. She will receive annual bloodwork and pain medication. 


    Joseph came from another Florida shelter. He came to us with a severe kidney infection that lead to continuous urinary issues. He needs specialty urinary food.


    Fred made the trip to HSSC from Montgomery, Texas. In addition to being heartworm positive, Fred has some masses located on his head and body.



    Claire's beginnings were rough, coming from a hoarding case in the panhandle of Florida. When she made her way to HSSC, Claire was estimated to be 15 years old. Due to her age, Claire suffers from arthritis and needed medications to ease her pain. 


    Chico made his way to HSSC from Louisana. Upon arrival, we realized he had an abnormal gait. After x-rays, it appeared that Chico had a healed fracture in his pelvis. This will affect his range of motion for the rest of his life. Chico will receive laser treatment for pain and mobility for as long as needed.


    Daisey came to us from Louisana. We couldn't help but notice the funny way she ran. Upon further review, we found that Daisey had undergone FHO surgery on her right hip. She will receive laser therapy treatment once a month covered by our Animal Clinic.



    Blanca was a local transport from Manatee County Animal Services. Common to Shepards, she shows signs of hip dysplasia. For now, she shows no signs of slowing down and loves to run and jump. To help keep the symptoms at bay, our Animal Clinic will provide laser therapy treatment once a month.


    Gary didn't have to travel far, coming from Sarasota County Animal Services This spritely senior man arrived with a heart murmur. Gary didn't let this slow him down. He rushed through adoptions and quickly found his furver home. Gary's adopter will receive medication for his heart murmur covered by our Animal Clinic.
    Disclaimer: Pre-determined medications/care will be provided to the client and patient at no cost from ACHSSC. Client/Doctor/Patient relationship required and owner must comply with basic standards of care as recommended by ACHSSC DVM to remain eligible. Eligibility can be revoked at any time at the discretion of HSSC.