Happy Tails

Do you have a pet you adopted from HSSC? Do you want to tell the world how wonderful your pet is? Then share your Happy Tail with us! Please tell us how you’re living happily ever after—and be sure to include a photo or two. Your pet’s story may be featured online or in our next newsletter. 


"We had been looking for a friend for our pug after our other dog passed away. We were so lucky to get to meet Pudge! He is the perfect addition to our family. We love him so much already and are so grateful for the humane society!"



"Arni is living his best life now! He is the most snuggly, affectionate cat I’ve ever met. He just wants to be right up on you. He’s even settled in so nicely with our shih tzu. He couldn’t be happier… can you tell?!"

Jasper & Alice

"Our family adopted Alice. We went back the same day to adopt Jasper. Both love their new home!  They stay out on the lanai all day playing. Our older cats are taking care of them, cleaning them and protecting them. It’s a happy ending!"


"It is with much sadness that Richard and I share with you the Rainbow Bridge crossing of our beloved Brady Cod is Harrison on May 20, 2021. He was two weeks shy of his 13th birthday.

Richard and I adopted Brady from the Human Society of Sarasota on March 6, 2009. He was nine months and four days old. His profile stated that he was relinquished by the previous owner due to "too many animals." Their loss became our precious gain. The HSSC Representative, at the time, was Joy Johnson.

Brady was uniquely one of a kind. So smart, intelligent. Whenever he wanted something, he would give a little bark and wouldn't stop until you acknowledged his request. He loved to go with you in the car. He would sit so straight that at first glance he appeared to be human. He also loved the dog park. There, we would toss him a ball and he would catch it! Of course, he didn't bring it back to you, so you had to go and get it. (lol) He was such a special friend and a wonderful companion. We love him and we miss him.

Your organization has brought joy and happiness to many people and pets, and we are certainly counted among them. Thank you for all that you do and continue to do."


"When we got Sandy, my now husband and I had only been dating for a bit over a year. He spent a lot of time at my house, so I wanted him to come with me to pick out a dog from local pounds. He came from a family that always had purebred dogs, all from breeders. He said he would come with me but asked me "don't you think those dogs are there for a reason?" I came from a family who always got animals from pounds or accidental litters, so I knew better. We brought Sandy home in the fall of 2015. After her first month she adjusted and trained so well my husband called her the best dog he ever had, which was later promoted to the best dog ever. She has been on vacation with us more times than I can count. December 2015 was her first trip; she made the ride to Pennsylvania for my grandmother's funeral, and she was a perfect hotel guest. She has since been to Jekyll Island (3 times), the Blue Ridge Mountains, Pigeon Forge (about 6 times), Whittier NC, Lumberton NC, Young-Harris Georgia, Orlando Fl, and St. Augustine Fl on vacation and stayed many more nights at hotels along the way. My husband is disabled yet can walk her easily on a leash and she has been confused for a service dog MANY times when checking into a hotel. She trained easily and has been a model of good behavior for her younger packmates. She came to us after being picked up as a stray in Miami and transferred to Sarasota where she stayed for some time, a four-year-old dog with a sloppy tummy from her many litters. Her tail was broken at some point while living on the street, but it's still the happiest crooked tail I've ever seen."


"I want to say thank you to the staff for believing in Maverick and helping him get through his fears. When we went home, he was only home for an hour and acted like he had lived their forever. He loves his backyard and balcony and even warmed up to one of the cats, who is now his best friend. Maverick and the cat even share some meals. Perfect match made. I want you all to know that Maverick will have a loving, caring forever home until the very end. Thank you all so much. He saved me!"


"She is the cutest most loving and cuddly cat I’ve ever had in my life. She is so funny and has the greatest personality. She’s very talkative and she loves to eat."


"We adopted Scully.  He’s an incredible, intelligent and super athletic boy who brings me so much happiness!  His original owner requested that his adopter(s) contact her to update her on how Scully (Dusty) was doing.  I texted her later the same evening that I adopted him, and we’ve been in contact since.  I’ve even met her and her three-year-old son with Scully in my neighborhood Bay for a little swim and a long chat.  She and I both love him so much and want the very best for him, and I value the knowledge that she can give me about his history.  So far Scully has been to Arlington Dog Park, the 17th Street Dog Park, the Venice dog beach, the Bay in my neighborhood multiple times, and Petco a few times.  He has a ton of energy, and as of today has been enrolled in West Coast Air Dogs to start dock diving once their new facility is complete.  I can’t believe my luck in adopting this beautiful young GSHP from the Humane Society of Sarasota.  He really is everything that I was looking for in a dog, and I am so grateful for him!  Thank you for the wonderful work that you do to help the animal population of Sarasota.  In the process, you’re certainly helping us humans, too."


"I have never met a sweeter dog in my life until I met sweet chipper, now is Baxter!! He is the best dog & loves nothing more than snuggling throughout the day and night & going for walks at Robinsons! I am so happy I went to the humane society in Sarasota, they have the best staff & they are all so sweet & supportive! Thank you, guys, so much for helping me find my forever friend!"


"Espeon (formally Little) has adjusted to home life so well. He was very shy when we met but has warmed up to me so much already. He loves cuddling with mom and going on walk. He even had been so amazing when it comes to training. I am so grateful to the Humane Society for letting me adopt my fur baby."


"We had lost 2 dogs which we loved and had for quite a while.  So, we were looking to adopt a new fur baby. We went to HSCC and immediately once introduced to Brooks which was his name from the shelter. We fell in love with him.  He is a playful, smart, lovable dog and has made himself at home with us and now his 2 cat brothers. We are so happy we found him, and he has given us so much love. Thank you HSSC."


"We adopted Edgar into our family in July. He is a curious and energetic kitten. He does not mind the vacuum, hair dry or any of our many thunderstorms. In fact, one of his favorite places is our back lanai during a storm. He loves playing with the three kids with his many toys including his little house that he frequently wrestles with! We cannot imagine our lives without Edgar in it. We have had him just over a month now and look forward to continuing to watch him grow."

Prince Charming

"We adopted him as Prince Charming, but he became King of the castle in less than 24 hours! He is eight but he’s still very playful, he’s very affectionate and very polite. He would not jump on the couch without asking for permission first! He’s also very curious and funny. He sleeps in the weirdest positions, sometimes with his legs straight up in the air! We are so grateful to have him. We’d like to thank all the wonderful people we met at the adoption center for taking such good care of all the dogs and cats under their care and for making our adoption process such a great experience."


"He has truly changed my life for the better."


"Sunflower is adapting so good to her new home. She has so many toys which she plays with every day with. She loves sleeping between mom and dad at nights and loves playing with other dogs. We could not have asked for a better dog. She is amazing and we love having her."


"What an excellent companion Trixie has become.  Do not let anyone tell you that a "Pit Bull" is mean, she is the most gentle, caring and loving dog anyone could ever hope for.  This was first show to me on her first night, when I started sobbing about losing my prior dog, (only 1 month before), when she jumps up on the bed and came to me whimpering and giving me both a nudge and a kiss. An animal’s love cannot get much better than that!  It has been obvious that she was previously abused or was hit by a car, for she sometimes she still cowers when going to show her affection, I trust someday she be over that, and the over excited happiness she displays when returning home even after being gone only 30 minutes.  A TRUE Heart of Gold!"


"It has been a little over a month with sweet Lacey and my girlfriend and I could not love her more! I work from home so there is no shortage of snuggles and walks around this place! Every morning we go out exploring so Lacey can get her sniffs in. It took some time before she figured out how to play fetch but now it is one of her favorite things to do. She also loves car rides, the dog beach, and any outdoor venue where she can be with dad! She tags along with us virtually everywhere we go and has made so many doggy and people friends along the way. I have found a true companion in Lacey, and she found her furever home!"

Miss Molly

"Can't wait to grow with her!"


"We came into the humane society as a surprise for me for my birthday! We saw Mitch on the website and just fell in love right away. When we first met, he was very timid and shy, but we knew from sight it was same at to be. Since we’ve had Mitch, he has come out of his shell and is the best boat dog and snuggle partner we could’ve ever asked for."

Roxy & Captain

"Roxy and Captain have been amazing!  We adopted them within a month of each other because Roxy was lonely. They adjusted to each other within a couple days. It made Roxy, the older girl, spryer and more energetic. Captain, formerly Tucker, is incredibly smart and loves all his toys. We bring them on adventures multiple times a week. They absolutely love the car and get excited every time they see me grab their special backpack for adventures where I keep all the essentials. They have been such a great addition to our family."


"He's made himself right at home and loves belly rubs!"


"We adopted Elliot (left) in May of 2021 while attending the Sarasota Seafood Festival. We passed by the Humane Society’s truck and saw Elliot sitting out front with one of the volunteers. We were immediately drawn to him by his friendly demeanor and adorably long ears. Our older fur baby, Echo (right) made Elliot feel right at home from day 1 and could not be happier to have a little brother. We had no idea what we were missing in our lives until we adopted Elliot but now our world feels complete. Special thank you to the Humane Society for leading this perfect, loving, goofy boy into our lives."


" I adopted miss Sophie from you guys in August 2013 and wanted to show how much she’s grown and loved her life with me the past eight years! I’m so glad she was there on that day I decided to go look. "


"Abbie is such a joy in our life, makes us complete and she is so good, as though she has been a part of the family forever. She enjoys the dog bark, gets along with everyone, enjoys walks and laying in the bed, she is our baby."


"Baxter, formally Stanley, came literally bouncing into our lives after the passing of two of our elderly cats (16- & 18-year-old) leaving Samantha our third "well fed" cat alone. We decided she needed a buddy to play and "workout" with. After a long three-month adjustment, they are the best of friends despite their four-year age difference. Baxter loves to cuddle and will even climb into the cat cave with her that is built for one. A rather rambunctious kitten, he is usually climbing and jumping on things he shouldn't. Baxter LOVES to get in the shower with the water going, so spray bottles for discipline are enjoyed! We and Samantha could not be happier with the adoption of our little buddy."

Coconut & Captain

"Coconut and Captain have adapted well to each other and play and run hard. They bring lots of joy and entertainment to the family."


"I adopted Sadie, previously known as Molly on May 1, 2018. She was very independent and took some time to really get comfortable. Now she loves blankets, looking out the window, and chasing her little (yet older) brother around the yard. She is the sweetest little girl and I’m so glad she chose us. Thank you."


"After my beloved girl passed the Rainbow bridge, I waited a good long time before I was ready for another dog. When my kids saw Beemer with his tennis ball in his mouth we couldn't resist. We found out he was adopted and returned two previous times. Clearly, it was because he was meant for our family. He is celebrating my birthday."


"Dexter has brought so much joy to my life.  He always greets the day (and me) with such happiness and enthusiasm.  We live in the country and he loves exploring.  He is careful to stick around and always comes to me when I call him.  He's a big lap dog and waits for me to get in bed so he can jump up and lay his head across my legs.  When I first adopted Dexter, he had a brother here named Romeo. A few months after Dexter arrived, Romeo died.  We miss him terribly but are grateful for everything he taught Dexter about living in the country and being polite in the house. Dexter has learned not to chase horses or cattle.  The horses even allow him around them during feeding time.  When I was looking for a companion dog (for both Romeo and me) I took Dexter home for a "sleepover."  This was very helpful as we were all able to get to know each other without committing right away to adoption, I am so grateful to everyone at HSSC who helped Dexter and me through this process.  What a wonderful organization!"

Mr. Ragz

"Mr. Ragz has really come out of his shell. He is the most playful and sweetest dog I've ever seen. He is the perfect addition to our family."


"Tater is a real good boy. We love having him as our companion. he loves to go for walks, is good on a leash, and behaves very well. His favorite thing is playing fetch. he will chase a ball and bring it back if we are willing to throw it. he is part of our office environment too. Everyone loves tater and misses him when we work from home."


"Frankie joined our home on Halloween in 2018 and he’s kept it interesting ever since! He pretty much runs the house, but his favorite thing to do is to sit in the fenced front yard and greet everyone walking along our downtown street. He has no idea how entertaining he is. He’s also very good at opening any package that is delivered in the hopes that it will be his monthly Bark Box delivery. I can’t imagine what life was like pre-Frankie."


"Cleo has been the best thing to happen to me! She is such a joy to come home to! For me, she is the best of both worlds where she has her hyper moments where all she wants to do is run around and play, and then she will have her sweet cuddle moments as well! But don't forget those diva moments where she won’t eat unless it’s fresh food ha-ha."


"Eva has fit herself into our family with ease. She is confident enough to have the dogs trained and Bill as a quiet time companion. We love her!"


"His name was Buddy before, but now he has a new and beautiful name like he is and it is Diamond, he brings joy and gives me company, now l does not feel so lonely, thank you Humane Society for this incredible and lovable pup. He loves everyone, ha-ha sometimes l gets a little jealous, but l knows at the end of the day he comes home with me."


"I have had smudge for a little over a week now and have to say he is doing wonderful! Smudge and my other rescue Cuja have bonded almost immediately. He is out of his shell and now likes to chase squirrels, squeaky toys do not bother him, and love coming back from a walk to get a treat! He likes sneaking socks into his bed as well while I am doing laundry. Wonderful guard dog, an overly sweet dog, and smart boy as well! So happy I got him!"


"Bandit has brought so much love and laughter into our home. Bandit loves his walks and chasing lizards. He follows me wherever I go. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful puppy in our family. Thanks to HSSC. I cannot thank the staff enough."


"Ozzie is so cute with his sister. they do everything together!"


"We couldn't be happier. A perfect match made!"


"I got this little kitten for my son's birthday. they are so happy and in love!"


"She's perfect!"


"Lucy’s story most certainly did not have a happy beginning, but it does have a happy ending. In 2017, I began to experience health-related problems and that an emotional support dog or therapy animal would be helpful. I began to look at different shelters to find my perfect match. The looking was tough, and I was feeling discouraged until I met Lucy. When I told the staff what I was looking for they immediately thought of her. They warned me she had been through a lot and had some medical problems. That was ok with me since I had my own medical problems as well. When I first saw her, I noticed that she barely had the use of both her back legs, she walked crooked, and she had bald spots from scars. She was a mess and I completely fell in love with her. Lucy calmly walked over to me, sat by my feet, and licked my hand while gazing into my eyes. I knew she was the one. When I brought Lucy home, I knew she would need medical help and it was obvious that she had been abused. She was on pain medication, and she could barely walk a block. With the support of my husband, we got a personal doggie trainer to come to our house weekly to help Lucy with her medical problems and to build her confidence back up. She settled in so well with our family and her four cat siblings (all rescues!) that we could never imagine a time without her. Now Lucy is our spoiled child who sleeps on the bed, has her own huge wardrobe for clothes, and has a big, fenced back yard to play in. The best part? No more medications! Not only can she walk but she can run! She proves that it does not matter where you are from or your past, it just matters where you are going."


"Ellie is doing great, thank you!"


"Pepsi (now Binx) was a loud, mouthy boy in the shelter. He loved the attention. I knew he was the cat for me. I decided to bring him home, and we were close right away. I was told he was not a lap cat, but that is exactly what he became once we got through the door. I ended up leaving my apartment in Sarasota and going back to Michigan because of COVID-19. He was a good boy in the car and in the hotel rooms. He loves his new place, and he is the ultimate study buddy. He is going to be my partner in crime."


"He has more energy than the both of us, but we love him!"


"Teddy has been a very good boy and is such a little lovebug. He wakes me up every morning with a face full of kisses to tell me it is potty time. We go on walks around the neighborhood every hour and a half or so and discovered he likes to chase the lizards and frogs. We have set up a socially distanced playdate at the dog area in our development and he has so much fun with our neighbor’s puppy Odin! As soon as we left the shelter, we went straight to the pet store and let him pick his own bed, toys, and treats out! He is such a playful guy, and loves playing tug of war with his squeaky bird toy."


"We adopted Penny and Peaches from HSSC. We can't believe how much time has gone by. They are part of the family, and still, make us smile every day. These girls have become great buddies, even though they have very different personalities. Penny is energetic, and Peaches is more chill. Ying and Yang. Thank you for everything you do to help our furry friends."


"He is such an amazing and loving dog. He is so playful with the kids. He is practically being spoiled sleeping in my bed with all his new toys. He is being such a good boy."


"Shakira now named Akita, the best foster fail!"


"I just noticed a couple of days ago that Summer has a heart on her side. Must mean she's real love. She and Sam are the best of friends and play together all the time!"


"Milo is such a good boy. He loves other dogs! He is not having any issues there. He is eating well, loving his walks, and loves to be pet. Thank you for allowing me to adopt him. His last foster mom and I stay in touch and she did a fabulous job getting him ready to be adopted."


"We fell in love with Rascols right away. We had been searching for a Pittie breed and he lives up to every expectation we love about the breed. His heart is the biggest part of him. He loves everyone that he meets and only wants to be loved. He is gained about twelve pounds since his adoption and is at a perfect weight. He has the perfect amount of energy. He relaxes during the day and likes to play for a little bit in the evening. His favorite activities are playing with his rope toys, tearing the stuffing out of other toys and his all-time favorite is, running along the fence with our neighbors’ dog and having our brother-in-law's dog come over to run with them.

He hates cool weather, we got him a few sweaters, so he is comfortable sleeping on his outside bed when we sit on our patio area, in the fenced-in back yard. He enjoys car rides and walks which we bring him on both occasions. He stays loose in our home when are not around and does not destroy anything. He has good recall which we are working on to make it 100 percent even in high stimulation situations. He really is the best fit for our home, and exactly the large fur baby we had been searching for. He is happy and healthy and knows this is his forever home. He would not ever want to leave our sides. He is extremely loyal and loves sleeping in dog beds that are way too small for him!"

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