Mission Moment: Lily, from Hoarding Case to Pet Therapy


    Lily arrived in March 2022 with 22 other dogs and puppies we took in from a local hoarding case that involved 70 dogs. We responded immediately (within one hour!) to plea for help, collaborating with our fellow animal groups in the process.

    Once the 23 dogs and puppies were in our hands, we immediately began reversing the effects of malnutrition, cramped housing, and nonexistent medical care. Many had untreated medical conditions, and all were filthy and matted. The youngest of the bunch was just a few months old. Thankfully, they were discovered just in time.

    All have been adopted into loving homes. But one, in particular, has gone on to serve the community that helped save her.

    After the passing of her other pet therapy dog, Hobo, Di met Lily and was immediately moved by their connection.

    "When I saw Di in the viewing room looking at Lily, I knew she would want to make her a pet therapy dog. Lily was so frightened, and I didn't know what she would do.  Di really worked with Lily; she wasn't housebroken, had never been on a leash, and didn't know any commands. Di took her through our obedience courses, and she did well. One day she brought Lily to meet me to convince me she could join the Pet Therapy team. I was shocked at Lily's progress, and she did beautifully. She is a confident, sweet, affectionate little dog. People love her in the community." — Ginny Armington, Director of Community Outreach.

    Nevertheless, Di believed in Lily and saw her potential. 

    "She was trembling when I first met her, but I believe in possibility. After some time, she started to blossom. She has evolved into a fearless dog. She just seems to bring out the best in people no matter what the circumstance. We get to meet so many types of people: college students studying for finals, patients in hospitals, and children in kids camp. I hope that all of the dogs from the hoarding case have as happy an outcome as Lily did." — Di Morgan, Lily's Adopter.

    Lily found her happy ending, and she now shares the love she found with the community that helped give her the opportunity for a new and better life.

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