Following Hit & Run, Dog Receives Lifesaving Care from HSSC


    Clyde came to the Humane Society of Sarasota County (HSSC) in desperate need of medical attention. The two-year-old dog was hit by a car and left on the side of the road. Without hesitation, HSSC staff said yes to saving a life.

    Upon arrival, our veterinary team determined Clyde had sustained fractures in his pelvis. They immediately jumped into action, and Clyde received around-the-clock care.

    During Clyde's first few nights in the shelter, one of our veterinary technicians stayed with him—monitoring his comfort level and any change in behavior. A few hours into Clyde's IV drip of pain medication, he started moving around on his own and did not show any indication of incontinence. Both—extremely positive and promising signs for a pelvic injury.

    After further evaluation, they determined it was possible for Clyde to make a full recovery. It would take an entire team committed to his daily care—but knowing the individuals we have at HSSC, that was no roadblock.  Clyde was set up with a recovery kennel in our medical department, and it quickly became the most popular destination for staff and volunteers. Our dedicated team has spent countless hours with him—giving him love and attention and providing daily enrichment. They use a sling to assist him with walking and using the bathroom.

    While Clyde is still on strict cage rest to allow his pelvic fractures to finish healing, he has made considerable progress. Our veterinary staff expects him to be fully running and playing without restrictions in the next month or so.

    In the meantime—Clyde loves to leisurely sit outside, listening to the birds and feeling the breeze on his face. Through it all, he never lost his zest for life. Even with a fractured pelvis—his tail is wagging, and his spirits are high.

    Thanks to the expertise of our medical staff, the dedication from staff and volunteers, and the financial support from our donors, HSSC can confidently take on cases like Clyde. This dog, who was left alone after being hit by a car on the side of the road, has as much time as he needs to rest and recuperate at the Humane Society of Sarasota County.

    Clyde will have the ability to take as much time as he needs to fully recover while in HSSC's care, thanks to the generous support of our donors.

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