Happy Tails

Do you have a pet you adopted from HSSC? Do you want to tell the world how wonderful your pet is? Then share your Happy Tail with us! Please tell us how you’re living happily ever after—and be sure to include a photo or two. Your pet’s story may be featured online or in our next newsletter. 

Daisy Jones

"We adopted Daisy Jones two years ago, and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. She came from Louisiana after one of the storms. Words can't even begin to explain how much joy she brings to our lives."


"Daisy (formerly called Peaches) is adjusting beautifully. She was labeled from her behavior evaluations as a black dot dog because of her manners, but she is doing wonderful and is very gentle around our two-year-old daughter.  She is great when we visit the dog beach too. Daisy has already learned sit and lie down, and we're working on the command "Come". We love her so much."


"We adopted Maverick after we saw his sad face online and just knew that we could cheer him up and give him a great life!! As soon as we met him in the shelter, we knew he was the one for us!! He has been the greatest addition to our family!!"


"Lucy’s story most certainly did not have a happy beginning, but it does have a happy ending. In 2017, I began to experience health—related problems, and it was suggested to me that an emotional support dog or therapy animal would be helpful. I began to look at different shelters to find my perfect match. The looking was tough, and I was feeling discouraged until I met Lucy. When I told the staff what I was looking for they immediately thought of her. They warned me she had been through a lot and had some medical problems. That was ok with me, since I had my own medical problems as well. When I first saw her, I noticed that she barely had the use of both her back legs, she walked crooked, and she had several notable bald spots from scars. She was a mess, and I completely fell in love with her. Lucy calmly walked over to me, sat by my feet, and licked my hand while gazing into my eyes. I knew she was the one. When I brought Lucy home, I knew she would need a lot of medical help, and it was obvious that she had been abused as well. She was on pain medication and she could barely walk a block. With the support of my husband, we got a personal doggie trainer to come to our house weekly to help Lucy with her medical problems and to build her confidence back up.  She settled in so well with our family and her four cat siblings (all rescues!) that we could never imagine a time without her. Now Lucy is our spoiled child who sleeps on the bed, has her own huge wardrobe for clothes, and has a big fenced backyard to play in. The best part? No more medications! Not only can she walk but she can run! She’s the truth that it doesn’t matter where you're from or what's in your past; it just matters where you’re going."


"Daisy (formerly Cookie) is the sweetest pup a gal could ask for. She has fit right into our home like she's always lived here. We have learned that she loves cats. When she met our two, Lucy and Veronica, she won them over with her good nature and gentle ways. Many thanks to Tracy and Mandy who were wonderful throughout the adoption process. Thank you also to Molly and Lisa who were so helpful, and patient in answering my questions about Daisy. Daisy's manners are impeccable and her face will melt your heart. We are over the moon with happiness."


"We've had Roo (formerly Jake) for just three months now, and we couldn't be happier with him being part of our family! Our son's name is Jack, and both Jake and Jack were confused, so we decided to call him Roo and he adjusted quickly. He truly is the best companion for our two kids, and we couldn't have found a better fit!

While we've learned he doesn't do best leaving the house for adventures (he gets anxious and isn't the biggest dog friendly kind of dog), our home with our two kids is where his heart is. He has fun with our cat, but our cat —doesn't necessarily return the love quite yet— but we see a bright future for them soon. He spends most of his day outside with the kids and will never leave their side. In the mornings, our daughter likes to play doctor, and he is more than happy to lie on the floor and play along as our son drives little toy cars up and down him.

Our son hugs and hangs and rides all over him, and Roo just smiles and carries him along, or just lies in his lap. They both even sneak off and hide in the house together with a whole bag of treats that my son feeds him. He does like to spend a lot of time lounging on our couch, or in our laps, because he thinks he's a lap dog.

Roo has really been the sweetest, most loyal, loving, and caring dog, and we are so lucky to have found him and have him join our family. I really couldn't even imagine our life without him now. Thank you so much, HSSC, for taking him in all the way from Louisiana where he came from! I believe that fate brought him to us, and we are so thankful to have him!"


"Merlin (formerly Panther) has adapted so well to his new home and to Sylvester, my seven-year-old tuxedo cat.  After four days, he has mastered the location of his litter box, found his food/water bowls, and the cat door out to the screened in back porch.  Merlin loves to snuggle with me.  He is also the best at playing with his toys.  He is the newest member of the family and I love him so much!"


"I adopted Roscoe because I was looking to get my current dog a friend/brother. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know how either of them would react to each other, but now they are inseparable! They can’t go anywhere without each other. I was so surprised how fast they got attached to each other. Pictured is my first dog Duke (Warrent), who I adopted at HSSC and Roscoe who I just adopted. I love my fur babies! Thank you!"


"We just wanted to let you know how well little Frog, now Dobby, is doing. It’s one week today he’s been home and he is, knock on wood, potty trained!!! He tinkled in the house a few times and pooped once, that’s it. He’s so smart and sweet, we all love him very much already. He sleeps with us at night in bed and sleeps all the way through the night already. He’s eating great and loving life with us. His favorite thing to do is being outside and killing palm fronds. We’re working on leash walking and sitting right now and he’s catching on pretty good. Thank you for trusting me to take care of this beautiful little baby. Thank you again!" — Nicole & Dobby


"We wanted to give you all a Happy Tail on Yogi who we adopted in October. His name is now Frank. He is growing...and growing and still super stubborn. Despite being super stubborn he is sweet and a dog's dog. Loves being outside and getting super dirty. " 


Aurora (Tofu) has become bestfriends with my husky. She is curious but gentle with my cats and our chickens too! Aurora is the biggest cuddle bug and has learned how to go for long walks and runs. She is slowly learning it's safe when there is a loud noise around or a car on the road. She is friendly to all humans and animals. Even with my neighbor's goats, horses, and cows. She is very playful and fun with every dog she has met so far! Thank you HSSC.


Smokey has brought such joy to us! The smartest puppy we have ever had, who loves everyone!


Sasha (aka Magic) loves her new home! She plays with her new furbrothers, Ike & Pepe, as well as greeting the cows in our backyard. Her favorite activity is swimming in our pool!


It took a few days with Marge aka Margie, but she is adjusting nicely. I give her plenty of attention, and she and my dog Freddy (King Charles Cavalier) have developed a nice bond. I am so glad the Humane Society of Sarasota County has videos of the pets online. Just from watching Marge, I could see from that she would be a good fit for my home, epecially with my dog. I am so happy to say it is a success story, as she is doing very well. She is a bit timid and shy, but she gets more confident every day and has even jumped on the lap of my friends when they come over to visit. She is definitely a lap cat, she loves attention, and we love her so much. Margie and Freddy love to lay on my lap together or on the sofa next to each other. Right from the start, the two of them bonded and that made me very happy! I am very grateful to HSSC, as now our little family is content, happy, and complete. Thank you!

Layla (formerly Harlowe) 

Hello! I just wanted to do a quick update on Layla. What a dream! She does well on the leash but she would much rather roll around in the grass! It's hilarious! We are completely in love with her; it's unreal. She is so goofy but so smart, and she has finally started to let us know when she has to go out to potty--yes!! She has as much energy, as we expected, but she just recently started to cuddle on the couch with us and we soak it up. She LOVES people and is learning other dogs are ok too. We wouldn't trade her for anything in the world! We couldn't have picked a better girl. She is perfect. Thank you all so much.

Jenny & Buddy (formerly Jane & Brody)

We are very happy after adopting Jane and Brody. They are absolutely lovely pets! Both Jane and Brody acclimated very well, and quickly, in their new home. The house already feels like it's their own. They get along extremely well. They play together and, occasionally, have fun chasing each other around. They are healthy and very playful with us, especially Brody. I refer to them as Jane and Brody because that is how you know them, though we actually renamed Jane to Jenny and Brody to Buddy. These are close names so they are easily getting used to them. Thank you, HSSC, for allowing those amazing creatures to find new happy lives and for allowing us to take care of them.

Zena (formerly Dolly)

We came to find a different dog, but Dolly had just been returned and caught our eye. She was beautiful and looked friendly. She has a lot of energy and likes to go for walks, which is perfect for us. She is so smart and has learned so much already. It's only been one week and she knows all kinds of things. She loves the water, the beach, and meeting new friends at the dog park. She also has been working hard at getting along with her feline brother and sister. We can't wait to bring her by for a visit.


It didn't take long for Bean to explore the house and get into just about everything! He seems to fit right in, and I think he (mostly) trusts us already. He's such a sweet boy! We taught him how to use a cat door to get onto the porch whenever he wants. He seems really happy with the "new digs.” Thank you HSSC!

Nancy Drew (formerly Choppie)

Hello! We are happy to report that Choppie is enjoying her new family. Thank you so much for her! She has been renamed to Nancy Drew and follows my daughter around “solving mysteries.” Haha! We can't imagine life without her. She has taken to all of us, whether she is relaxing with my husband when he gets home from work, keeping me company while I cook in the kitchen, or playing princess dress-up with Adie, she is certain to be by one of our sides. Thank you all again for taking care of her and helping us find the perfect dog!


My mom and I went to look at all the pets at HSSC. We went into the kitten room, and as soon as my we stepped in, Aubree came running over and put her paws on my leg. I looked at my mom and told her, "We are taking her home right now." She has made us very happy! She has taken my queen size bed away from me, but it's okay because I love her. Thank you HSSC for our new family member. We love her!!!


Minnie was one of those dogs that would always get overlooked because of their breed. She is high energy and sometimes not the easiest personality to handle. Minnie spent almost 300 days at HSSC and that’s already after being transferred from another shelter. Her time in shelters was becoming longer than her life in a home. Thanks to the dedicated volunteers at HSSC, Minnie learned a lot and the day finally came that someone fell in love with her. Today Minnie is thriving in her furever home, although the first few months after adoption weren’t easy. Luckily for Minnie, her new Mom never gave up on her. Minnie’s mom says, “Minnie needed me as much as I needed her.” Seeing this beautiful girl again simply enjoying her life was an absolutely wonderful experience. I wish every shelter dog out there that they can one day have as happy of a tail as Minnie.😊 #RescuesRock  (Written by Marta Shenker, HSSC Clinic employee and the photographer behind Rescued Nose Photography). 

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