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Pet Adoptions

When you adopt a shelter pet, you save two lives—the pet you adopt and the pet who takes the space your new pet just vacated. HSSC has been a no-kill facility since 2009, which means that no animal is ever euthanized to make space for another. Every animal in our facility is getting a second chance for a happy life.

Falling in love with a pet is easy. Adopting a pet, however, is a big decision. Dogs and cats require a lot of time, money, and commitment. HSSC encourages you to think through your decision before you adopt a companion animal. When you visit HSSC to adopt, our experienced Adoption Counselors and Matchmakers will help you find the pet that’s likely to be a good fit for your lifestyle and living arrangements.

All potential adopters are required to fill out an Adoption Questionnaire. To save time, you may download and fill out the Adoption Questionnaire (PDF) in advance. Please read the Adoption FAQ below for other helpful information.

Special thanks to our Foundation Partner, the Community Foundation of Sarasota County for their lifesaving support.

**COVID-19: HSSC is open to the public for normal adoption hours.  Face masks are required, per Sarasota City Ordinance.**

Available Pets

Browse our real-time listings of available dogs and cats.

HSSC Adoptable Pets Are:

  • Given a comprehensive medical exam
  • Up to date on vaccinations and flea, tick, and parasite preventives
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Dewormed
  • Heartworm tested (dogs). If heartworm positive, dogs are treated before being made available for adoption. Learn more about Heartworm Disease.
  • Leukemia and HIV tested (cats)
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Adoption Information & FAQ

Adoption Hours
Adoption Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday–Friday: 10am–6pm
Saturday: 10am–4pm
Sunday: Closed
Adoptions stop 30 minutes prior to closing.
**COVID-19: HSSC is open to the public for normal adoption hours. Face masks are required per Sarasota City Ordinance.**
Where We’re Located
HSSC is located at 2331 15th Street, Sarasota, FL 34237. Get Directions. Look for the sign that says “Adoption Center.” There is a parking lot outside the Adoption Center.
Fees & Pricing

The adoption fees we collect help us provide food, shelter, important medical care, and treatment for the animals.

Adoption Fees for Dogs   
Puppies (up to 6 months) $150
Adult Dogs (6 months to 7 years) $85
Senior Dogs (7 years and older) $55
Heartworm Treated Adult Dogs $135
Heartworm Treated Senior Dogs $105
Adoption Fees for Cats  
Kittens (up to 6 months) $85
Adult Cats (6 months to 7 years) $65
Senior Cats (7 years and older) $25








HSSC accepts cash and credit card.

Additional Fees

  • There is a $13 fee for your Sarasota County Rabies License and Tag. If you are not a Sarasota County resident, you will be provided with all the paperwork you need to obtain a Rabies License and Tag in your county.
  • The purchase of heartworm prevention is highly recommended for dogs over six months. Prices vary from $35 to $50 for a six-month supply, depending on the weight of the dog. All preventives can be purchased at the Animal Clinic of the Humane Society of Sarasota County. All prescriptions require a physical exam—and you receive a certificate for a complimentary physical exam with your adoption.

Adopters Receive:

What do I need to bring if I am interested in adopting?
  • A current and valid photo ID. Adopters must be at least 18 years old. The animal must reside with the person(s) listed on the adoption contract. Adoptions on another’s behalf are not permitted. All adoptions must be completed in person. We recommend that all family members or roommates meet the animal.
  • If you rent a house or apartment, we ask that you provide paperwork that states it is ok for you to have a pet. Be aware of any breed or size restrictions your housing association or landlord may have in place. Here is a great guide for renters.
  • If you are interested in adopting a dog and you already have a dog(s) at home, you may bring them with you for a meet and greet with your new potential pet but it is not necessary. It is very important that your current pets are up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventives. Please bring someone with you to hold your dog while you look at our adoptables, as owned pets are not allowed in the pods, only in the viewing rooms. We ask that you DO NOT bring cats in for meet and greets.
  • Bring a leash and collar for dogs and puppies (no choke collars or chains) or a carrier for cats and kittens. If you prefer to purchase these items at the time of adoption, we have a variety of reasonably priced options for sale.
What is the adoption process and how long does it take?
  • All potential adopters are required to fill out an Adoption Questionnaire. To save time, you may download and fill out the Adoption Questionnaire (PDF) in advance.
  • The Adoption Questionnaire helps our Adoption Counselors and Matchmakers understand what you are looking for in a pet. They know our available animals and are very skilled at suggesting animals that are likely to be a good fit.
  • An Adoption Counselor or Matchmaker will guide you through the facility and show you the many wonderful animals available for adoption.
  • There are special spaces where you can interact with the animal and introduce your current dog(s), if you brought them. You can take as much time as you need to decide if you would like to adopt.
  • Once you have made your decision, your Adoption Counselor will process the paperwork and transfer custody of the pet to you. Meanwhile, the pet will receive a final “med check.” In most cases, you can take your pet home that day.
  • You will receive an email with your pet’s medical history and a copy of the adoption contract, plus other helpful information. Please review these items when you get home and make sure to schedule any follow-up appointments, including your free first exam at the Animal Clinic of the Humane Society of Sarasota County.

Plan to spend at least an hour at HSSC to complete the adoption process. 

How do I know which pets are available?

Our website has real-time listings of available dogs and cats. If an animal is not on the website, it has either been adopted or has been made temporarily unavailable. If you like to see which animals have been adopted, we post adoption photos on our Facebook page also.

Can I place a hold on a cat or dog if I am unable to adopt that day?

Once you’ve met the pet you wish to adopt, we are happy to place a 24-hour hold on this pet if you are unable to adopt that day. The hold fee is $10 for adult pets. Holds cannot be placed on pets under 6 months. The hold fee is not refundable and does not go towards the adoption fee. If the adoption is not completed, the hold fee will be considered a donation to HSSC.

Can I take the pet home on a trial basis?

Generally, HSSC does not allow potential adopters to take an animal home on a trial basis. Only HSSC volunteers are permitted to take animals out of the shelter for fostering, staycations, and excursions.

However, some long-term residents have been approved for a Slumber Party, which is a form of “fostering with intent.”

How an animal acts in the shelter may be different from how the animal acts in a home. That cowering dog or frightened cat may turn out to be the most affectionate or playful animal you’ve ever owned. The shelter can be very scary and stressful for animals, and lots of great animals get overlooked simply because they don’t show well in the kennels. They need a change of scenery, so they can show their true, wonderful selves, and that’s why HSSC is excited to offer the option to have a “slumber party” with our long-term residents.

Your slumber party is an extended trial period where one of our long-term animals stays at your home for 3-30 days—the length is up to you. HSSC will provide all the animal’s food, medications, and necessities. You provide a safe home and lots of TLC. You are not adopting the animal at this point, so there’s no obligation on your part. During the sleepover, you may contact HSSC at any time with questions or concerns, or just to let us know how it’s going.

Should you fall in love with your guest pet, you simply return to HSSC, complete the adoption, and live happily ever after. Should you decide that the animal is not right for you, you just bring him or her back to HSSC. Because you did not officially adopt, there’s no surrender fee. And you can rest easy knowing that your feedback about the animal’s in-home behavior will be very helpful to us as we continue to look for the best home for that animal.

Eligible animals will have a “Slumber Party” card on their kennels. Ask your Adoption Counselor or Matchmaker for details.

Is there a waiting list?

HSSC does not maintain a waiting list because we have no way to guarantee what animals will be available or when. We encourage those looking to adopt to regularly visit our available dogs and cats pages. Keep an open mind, too. We regularly see adopters fall in love with animals they never considered until they visited the shelter. Our Adoption Counselors and Matchmakers are excellent at helping your find the dog or cat who is right for you.

Can I just look around?

We are open to the public. However, you can always digitally browse our available animals on our website, which is updated in real-time. Animals that are not on the cats or dogs pages are not available.

Anyone viewing animals will be required to fill out the Adoption Questionnaire PDF before doing so. If you do not end up adopting that day, you can keep your completed questionnaire to save time on your next visit.

What happens after I adopt?

There is always an adjustment period with a new pet, especially if you have other pets in the home. HSSC can help you manage the adjustment. Several handouts are available in the Adoption Center and in our Pet Health & Safety section.

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns about your pet once you get home, please contact us. Your Adoption Counselor can ease the transition and can refer you to our K-9 Behavior Coordinators or Feline Specialist.

Make sure to schedule any follow-up appointments, including your complimentary first exam at the Animal Clinic of the Humane Society of Sarasota County. Your exam expires 30 days from adoption, and there may be a 1-2 week wait, so we recommend you make your appointment soon after adoption. Call 941.364.3605 to schedule your appointment.

What if it doesn’t work out?

If an adopted animal turns out to not be a good fit, the animal may be returned to HSSC within 30 days of adoption, space permitting. There is no fee to return, but the original adoption fee will not be refunded.

After 30 days, animals must go through the surrender process at HSSC. Acceptance is not guaranteed. Learn more about Pet Surrender.

All returns and surrenders are by appointment only.

Read the Adoption Returns Policy (PDF)

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