Many of you followed the long journey of Molly, our 125lb Yellow Lab who needed to lose 35lb in order to be spayed and adopted. After many weeks, it was bittersweet to see her be adopted, but we knew it wasn't goodbye forever. We recently received an update on how Molly is enjoying her new fit and fabulous life, and it is a joy to read. 

"What can I say about Miss Molly.....

From the moment we brought her home, it felt like she had always been with us. She likes to go for walks and explore the Celery Fields, play lacrosse with her favorite boy, and hangout on the baseball field with her best friend Samantha chasing balls. She is an absolute cuddle bug (my only dog I have EVER let get on my furniture) and likes to hang out in our backyard watching the birds and squirrels. Everyone who meets her falls in love! She has brought us so much joy and we couldn't love her more!!!"

by Molly's New Mom 

Molly became apart of our daily life as she walked the halls through HSSC, working hard to lose her weight. She had no problem voicing her need for attention and low-calorie snacks. Molly helped staff close down for the night, and even had overnight stays at our Behavior Coordinator's house. Molly's story is a testament to HSSC's determination of giving every pet a chance. Her weight, skin issues, and ear issues were no match to our compassion and care. To see Molly's celebratory Baywatch Run, watch our Youtube video below.