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Over the weekend, our lifesaving TLC Program made headlines with SNN News. The "TLC program backed by HSSC" is a program that benefits pets with special needs that will require lifelong, routine medical care after they are adopted from HSSC. Our medical director will establish a treatment plan for the animals in the program and HSSC will offer adopters a care plan at the HSSC Animal Clinic, which provides quality, comprehensive veterinary care.

SNN News TLC Program Coverage, Feb. 12, 2021

 Meet Berkley

Berkley was rescued during Operation Senior Saved. When Berkley arrived, he had severe heartworm disease. Being left untreated for so long caused irreversible heart damage. After a long and hard round of heartworm treatment, Berkley's foster mom decided he would make a great addition to her family. Berkley will have lifelong heart medication and thoracic radiographs.  

Berkley receiving a hug while on a walk with a volunteer