Volunteer Spotlight

Colton Janssen, Teen Club Volunteer


Colton Janssen became a member of the Teen Club in September 2016. He had been doing school projects and wanted to join Teen Club because he felt there were a lot of dogs in the shelter that needed help. Colton decided he could help walk the dogs so they wouldn’t have to spend their days in their kennels.

Colton was born in Idaho, then his family moved to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. When Colton was about five, he, his parents, brother, and sister moved here to Sarasota. His older brother is still in Alberta attending college and his older sister is a student at USF—here in Sarasota. Colton’s other family members are two Yorkshire Terriers, Cookie and Pebbles.

As a member of the Teen Club, Colton has learned that different dogs take different types of training. He finds working with the big dogs more fun because they present more of a challenge. Colton believes little dogs can be a bit easier, but, he knows some can be as tough as the big ones. Colton recently earned his yellow dot and is now working on getting his red dot. When he is volunteering he makes himself available to walk dogs, mentor other teens, bathe dogs, do matchmaking, and help with cleaning.

One of the things Colton has learned as a Teen Club member is how to train his own dogs. Cookie has learned to stop barking when he comes home as she will get a treat when he does. He thanks John Pfohler for that little training tip.

“I am happy to be doing something in the community to help.” Colton told us. He goes on to say, “I want other volunteers to know it may be hard sometimes, but it is fun too!”

Volunteer Spotlight