Volunteer Spotlight

Maurie SuDock

Maurie SuDock was born and raised in New York, later relocating to the Boston area for college and her career as an administrator. After a lifetime of brutal Northeast winters, she decided that Florida would be a welcome change for her and her two Briards, Reina and Maizy, pictured below. Although Maurie’s parents spent time on the east coast of Florida, her own search led her to Sarasota. She flew down to see 14 houses in two days and found her Shangri-La that second day, a home in town with access for long walks on Siesta Key.

Maurie and her dogs arrived in Sarasota in September 2015, and the next month she started looking for ways to help the community. A lifelong dog lover, she researched local shelters and decided to give HSSC a try. Maurie has become a multi-faceted volunteer who is willing to do the dirty work. She spends time walking dogs, washing dishes and cages, and doing anything and everything that can help improve the lives of our shelter animals.

Maurie’s dog Reina was recently certified as a Pet Therapy dog for HSSC. As a Pet Therapy volunteer, Maurie has the opportunity to help children learn to read and feel more confident about reading. Reina has the perfect temperament to work with children, and Maurie has found that she loves it too.

Volunteer Spotlight