Second Chance


It was clear Mr. Ed’s life had not been easy. If his scars could speak, they’d likely say things we couldn’t bear to hear. But when the handsome retriever mix gazed in your direction, his soulful brown eyes looked straight into your heart, asking if this time would be different. At the Humane Society of Sarasota County — with amazing support — this time was different because Mr. Ed finally received the second chance he so deserved.

Mr Ed BeforeAs a stray, he’d been attacked by another dog and had gaping wounds on his jaw, face, and leg. A local rescue group stitched him up but was unable to keep him due to their limited resources. He was put on the euthanasia list, but with a glimmer of hope, a plea went out, hoping another shelter would accept this difficult case. Mr. Ed was almost a lost cause, but HSSC stepped in just in time.

Mr. Ed is a strong and gentle spirit. With amazing resilience and a flicker of hope, he began the long road to recovery at HSSC. In addition to his horrific wounds, he had a drain in his neck and needed extensive treatment for skin conditions. Our dedicated staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to make sure Mr. Ed had everything he needed. Your donations allow us to give dogs like Mr. Ed the time they need to heal. You help us provide safety, comfort, and lifesaving care to animals. Your generous support saves lives.

Mr. Ed is just one of more than 1,500 animals who will come to the Humane Society of Sarasota County this year in desperate need of shelter, care, and most importantly, a second chance. They come through our doors scared and bruised, homeless and abused. Your support transforms their lives. To help save more animals like Mr. Ed, please make a contribution today.

They count on us. We can’t let them down.

Mr. Ed After fla

Over time, Mr. Ed’s drain was removed, his wounds healed, and his raw pink skin was replaced with soft brown and white fur. Two months after his arrival at HSSC, Mr. Ed was healthy and happy and ready for adoption. His sweet disposition caught the attention of a young couple. He finally has a family to call his own.

Now he spends his days enjoying life — not fighting for it. Mr. Ed’s story has a happy ending, but there are so many other animals waiting for your help right now. Your support makes a significant difference.

Thank you for giving second chances to homeless pets.

With gratitude,




Christen Benson
Executive Director

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