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Smokey and Fetty both had shaky starts, but the Humane Society of Sarasota County gave them bright new futures. Of course, we did it with your help! Together, as partners, you and HSSC make a real difference in the lives of abandoned and homeless animals.

Smokey, a one-year-old pit bull mix, came from a crowded county shelter. The poor boy was underweight, plus he had severe mange, ear infections, and was heartworm positive. He may not have had a chance anywhere else, and we knew we could help him.

HSSC wasted no time in providing this sweet dog with lifesaving care. Heartworm treatment is complex and expensive. Thanks to your support, HSSC is one of the only shelters in the area that is able to treat heartworm-positive dogs. (Learn more about our Healing Hearts Program.) You make it possible for dogs like Smokey to get the second chances they deserve.Smokey B&A

After a thorough health exam, our veterinary team started Smokey on heartworm treatment and also gave him medications for his ears and skin. We monitored him closely for nearly three months before he was heartworm free, healthy, and ready for adoption.

At HSSC, Smokey had all the time he needed. There are no time or space limits here. Every adoptable animal stays with us until we find them a new, forever home. Your support provides the resources needed to keep this commitment to animals.

Can we count on you to make a gift today to rescue and heal animals like Smokey and Fetty who have nowhere else to turn?

Fetty was just five weeks old when he arrived at our shelter. He was one-and-a-half pounds of pure spirit, even though his left eye was swollen and blind from unknown causes. Eye surgery was needed, but he was too small to survive it.

So Fetty was started on medications and placed with a volunteer foster family so he could gain weight and learn to be loved. Once he was big enough, he had the necessary and costly surgery to remove his eye. Then Fetty was neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and ready for the next chapter of his life. He was adopted just two days later! We are pleased to report that he has adapted wonderfully and is now a happy, healthy adult cat.Fetty B&A

Together, we are partners in this life-saving work. Together, we give homeless animals every opportunity for happy, healthy lives with loving families.

Thanks to supporters like you who value animals and want to help them, HSSC is able to provide shelter, nutritious food, medical care, and love to 1,500 animals every year. Then, we find them new forever homes.

Your partnership with us means so much, but it means the most to the animals who are served by your generosity. With your support, we will continue to save the lives of homeless and abandoned animals.

Please make a gift today. Together, we can make a real and lasting difference.

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Christen Benson
Executive Director 售卖中