2018 Summer Appeal


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You saw it unfolding on the news last fall. An entire island under siege from Hurricane Maria. When the winds quieted, and the rains stopped, the sun rose on a devastated Puerto Rico. For the animals of Puerto Rico—many of whom had been homeless even before the storm—the circumstances were worse than ever. Cowering under rubble, drinking from puddles, searching for food: the animals desperately needed a helping hand. 

A vast network of partners joined together and rescued hundreds of homeless Puerto Rican dogs. The Humane Society of Sarasota County was one of those partners. We gave a helping hand and saved 35 of those dogs. That’s how Osita (Spanish for “little bear”) made her way to Sarasota. When we first met Osita, with her trembling underbite and oversized ears, it wasn’t hard to imagine the horrors she’d encountered. The six-year-old Welsh Corgi/German Shepherd mix was skittish and traumatized. But it’s incredible what time, and a gentle touch, can do.

Osita Isolated for Front LetterAt the Humane Society of Sarasota County, we do everything we can to help animals. But we cannot do it alone. Time and again, because of your support, we’re able to step in to lend a hand to homeless animals. Your generous support lends a hand to animals like Osita. So many homeless animals are counting on us. Will you give them a hand by making a gift of whatever you can manage today? Every animal that comes to the Humane Society of Sarasota County has a story. The details may vary, but the animals have one thing in common—they arrive needing a helping hand. Your generosity gives homeless animals lifesaving care, safe shelter and, most importantly, bright futures in loving homes.

After being spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and nurtured, Osita was ready for adoption. A young couple came to see her and fell in love with her instantly. They already had a dog at home and were searching for companion for him. When Osita and their dog met, it was a perfect match. Long gone are Osita’s days of scrounging for food and living on the streets. Now she plays fetch on the beach and sleeps cuddled against her canine brother, resting soundly because she knows she’s safe and loved

Thanks to your support, Osita’s having the time of her life.Osita Graphic for Letter

Because of you, we can provide shelter, food, and medical care for more than 1,600 animals just like Osita who come through our doors each year. For these homeless and abandoned animals, we are their light in the storm, their saving grace, their helping hand. Your gifts—and your partnership—make all of it possible. Your generosity saves lives and, on their behalf, we are sincerely grateful.

With gratitude,




Christen Benson
Executive Director