Happy Tails

TO SUBMIT A HAPPY TAIL BY EMAIL: Email a .jpg photo along with the following information about your HSSC adopted pet. Include date adopted, your name, pet’s name, a short statement about your adoption experience, and anything you would like to share about your pet. Please email your submission to: happytails@hssc.org.

We love to hear how well our former shelter pets are doing in their new homes!
Here are a few tails from our recent adopters!


Banchee, now known as Angie, is so full of life, love and affection! She sleeps next to her mommy’s pillow at night and she is a reliable alarm clock. She has an “instant feline sister” named Daphne that she plays with and an “instant feline brother” named Antonio. She’s still working on her relationship with Antonio. She is the oldest of the animals living here and her age is proving her wisdom over the younger two!

She has a new lease on life and is loved and cared for greatly. Angie brings much joy and happiness to our lives! I’m overjoyed that she chose me to be her new mommy. Much thanks to the Humane Society of Sarasota County for posting her original video listing her availability for adoption!!!

~ Christiana


I saw this little girl on your website and could not wait to meet her! She was just as described. Love at first sight and took her home the same day. She had a rough start t0 life and it showed. She did not like to be touched and was very defensive. Good news is that she loves belly rubs now, has settled in wonderfully and loves her walks, new doggie friends and everyone she meets! She is super friendly, playful and just the little buddy I ‘ve been looking for. No worries for her now, this is her forever home.

~ Traudel




Happy Tail_ChaCha

My husband and I came to HSSC hoping to find a dog that would be friendly, playful and that would be a great companion for a morning workout. Instead of our “dream dog” we picked Cha Cha or I should say she picked us.

Cha Cha is a chihuahua mix, a little skittish and not allowed to exercise too much due to her heartwarm treatments. She is missing some teeth, she doesn’t know how to play with toys and…she is definitely the sweetest dog we could possibly have found! Since the day we took her home, she has changed completely. We gave her so much love and attention that she didn’t have a choice.

She is still a little shy sometimes but we can already tell that she is the one that rules the house! She loves her easy, relaxing walks, lounging on the sunny porch and stopping to smell the flowers. Cha Cha doesn’t like to stay at home alone so we take her with us almost everywhere, but when we have to leave her for a while she gets really goofy and funny when she sees us back.  She follows us all over the house wagging her little tail and giving us her sweet little kisses.. We adopted the best dog ever we can’t even imagine our life without Cha Cha.