In the Fall of 1951, Donald Evans lost his dog. Eventually, the dog catcher caught the dog, but no one contacted Mr. Evans. His beloved dog was euthanized. Mr. Evans was so upset that he vowed to start a Humane Society to prevent this from happening to others. On the night of January 15, 1952, 70 people met at the Sunshine Kitchen and formed the new society.

The Humane Society of Sarasota County, Inc. was incorporated on February 8, 1952, and the City of Sarasota leased the present property to HSSC for $10 a year through the year 2043.

The Articles of Incorporation read, “The object of this corporation shall be to promote the welfare of all animals in Sarasota County, Florida to care for and find homes for animals to encourage kindness toward animals and to assist in the enforcement of all laws and ordinances for the protection of animals, to operate an animal shelter for animals.

HSSC’s original kennels held 48 dogs and the shelter had room for only 6 cats. Today, we are fortunate to have a total of 82 air-conditioned dog kennels that were newly built in 2010 and we can shelter up to 80 cats in three different rooms, one of which is a free-roaming room. And in March 2009, we were pleased to announce that HSSC was now a no-kill shelter, meaning no adoptable pet would be euthanized to make space for another.