2018 New Year Appeal

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When life gets chaotic, there’s no better partner than a pet.

Growing up in an Air Force family, Jennifer moved constantly. She learned early on that pets are a consistent and reliable part of life. Even when parents divorce and siblings don’t speak, an animal’s love is unconditional.

Adria had experienced a lifetime of chaos and loneliness too. The four-year-old American bulldog and boxer mix was found as a stray. When she arrived at the Humane Society of Sarasota County, we wasted no time providing this sweet girl with loving care and heartworm treatment. She was adopted, and it seemed like she had finally found her happily ever after.

Two years later, Adria was back in the shelter. We were determined—with your support—to give Adria the second chance she so deserved.

After a thorough health exam, our staff and volunteers spent extra time giving her affection. Her sad, dark eyes pierced right through our hearts. It’s often the wounds we cannot see—the ones on the inside—that take the longest to heal. Can we count on you to make a gift today to rescue and heal animals like Adria who have nowhere else to turn?

At the Humane Society of Sarasota County, Adria had all the time she needed. There are no time or space limits here. Every adoptable animal stays with us until we find them a new, forever home. Your support provides the resources needed to keep this commitment to animals.

Across the state, Jennifer was reeling from a separation and the loss of her beloved bulldogs. There was a hole in her life—and her heart—that only an animal could fill. She happened to see Adria’s picture online and drove three hours each way to meet her. When the two met, it was apparent that they were exactly what the other needed. They were a perfect match. Had it not been for the pain in their past, they may never have met. As Jennifer said, “I understand now more than ever that sometimes things happen for a reason.” Just like Adria and Jennifer are now partners, together, you and I are partners in this lifesaving work. Together, we give homeless animals every opportunity for happy, healthy lives with loving  families.

Thanks to supporters like you who value animals and want to help them, the Humane Society of Sarasota County can provide shelter, nutritious food, medical care, and love to 1,600 animals every year. Your partnership with us means so much, but it means the most to the animals who are served by your generosity. With your support, we will continue to save the lives of homeless and abandoned animals. Please make a gift today. Together, we can make a real and lasting difference.

In partnership,




Christen Benson
Executive Director